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Introduction to Paint-Making | WATERCOLOR


Book a Paint-making Introduction workshop at the studio in Alpena, AR on any Saturday

By appointment, Saturdays. The workshop takes approximately 3 – 4 hours
Wild Ozark Studio
214 Hwy 62 W
Alpena, AR  72611
Event Contact(s):
Madison Woods (madison@wildozark.com). Email me before checking out to schedule your Saturday date/time if you’ll need a specific date. Workshops need to be booked at least a week in advance. There’s room for 2 participants at a time on Saturdays. If you have a larger group, email me for an appointment on days other than Saturdays.

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Join me  for an Introduction to Paint-Making!

What You’ll Learn

  • what kinds of rocks make good pigment
  • how to reduce the rocks into powder
  • safety considerations
  • how to mull the paints
  • how to pan watercolor paints

What You’ll Get

  • a travels set that you’ll fill with paints you’ll make
  • recipe for making your own binder
  • powdered gum Arabic for the binder to make at home
  • hands-on experience

I’ll bring the rocks and crushed rocks. We’ll have hands-on with crushing rocks with mortar and pestle. Once the rocks are processed, we’ll get busy with a muller and pigments to make the paint.

Each participant will go home with a set of 3 – 5 colors, depending on how much time we take. If time allows, once the paints are made, we’ll try them out.

I’ll supply the safety glasses, dust mask, rocks, pigments, tools, paper, and brushes. If you have favorite paint brushes or paper, bring that, but it’s not required. Bring your own lunch and water/beverages.

Let’s get some rocks smashed!

What’s the difference between this workshop and the full 3-day course?

The paints will be made with rocks I’ve already collected and broken into smaller pieces, so there’s no foraging field trip. The paints we’ll make will be from whole rocks that we crush, but we won’t go into the further processing techniques that make a smooth textured paint. I won’t have the rock-crusher on hand for us to make larger quantities of rock powders to take home. If you take this course, it will give you a good idea whether or not the full course is something you’d be interested in.


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