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May 13 | En Plein Air Session | Painting Alpena


If the weather is conducive, I’m setting my easel up across the street from Alpena Mercantile, to paint a portrait of the building. Join me for a plein air session!

Bring your materials and setup and join me from 10am to noon. You can paint whatever you want, but I am going to be directly across the street from our building. Paint the Mercantile, too, if you like! My studio is inside the Mercantile. I’ll move down the street and paint some of the other buildings on another date.


I’ll be in the parking lot across the street from Alpena Mercantile (214 Hwy 62 W).


Saturday, April 22 from 10 am to ~ noon


No cost. Bring your own supplies and lunch.

Contingency Plan

If the weather is too windy, cold, or raining I’ll just paint inside at my studio. You’re welcome to join me in there for a *not* plein air session, lol. In that event, I’ll either work from a photo or imagination.

Benefit to Reserving a Session

While there’s no reason why you can’t just go set up outside and paint anytime, this is an opportunity to have fellowship and networking among us artists. If you go through the check-out process here at this listing, I’ll let you know if my schedule changes unexpectedly. Otherwise, I’d have no way to let you know that I won’t be there.


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