ginseng poster
ginseng posterStory of the Dragon, one of the posters of Ozark plants from Wild Ozark

Posters of Ozark Plants of the Ginseng Habitat


These posters are framing quality. Although the photography is all mine, I don’t print these at home, so ordered the large ones for myself to inspect the quality of print, paper, and shipping. Now I can say with confidence: Even though the price seems steep, they are well worth the money!


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Photographic Storyboard posters of Ozark plants, including American ginseng and the habitat companions, and other medicinal plants found in the Ozarks.

Posters of Ozark Plants of the Ginseng Habitat

I’ll be adding more to this page as I get the photos of all the phases of each plant. First to offer are the Green Dragon and American Ginseng.

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Story of the Dragon, one of the posters of Ozark plants from Wild Ozark
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ginseng poster

The Ginseng Habitat

Green dragons grow in the same habitat as American ginseng. Plants that are usually found in the places ginseng is found are called ginseng companion, or ginseng indicator plants.

Ginseng grows where the shade is deep and comes from tall trees. It likes loamy soil and it doesn’t mind if there are rocks, as long as the soil is moist and the ground is covered with a nice layer of humus from dead leaves.

The trees that make up the ginseng habitat in the Ozarks include maple, Ohio buckeye, redbud, pawpaw, ash, elm, oak, beech, sweet gum, black walnut and hickory.

It cannot grow if there are only hickory and oak, and may not grow well under only cedars or pine, although it doesn’t mind when there’s a mix of deciduous (loses leaves in winter) trees and conifers (evergreen).

Other plants of this type of habitat include spicebush, black cohosh, blue cohosh, doll’s eyes (white baneberry), bloodroot, goldenseal, solomon’s seal, trillium, dogtooth lily (trout lily), wild geranium, wild yam, wild ginger, nettles, jack-in-the-pulpit, maidenhair and christmas ferns, and adam and eve orchids. In other areas of the country where ginseng grows, the mix of plants may be a little different.

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Ginseng, Green Dragon


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