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Sustainable Ginseng, a book about Virtually Wild Ginseng


Learn how to find, grow, and profit, but also how to conserve and be good stewards to American Ginseng.

This book answers the following questions:

  • What is wild-simulated or virtually-wild ginseng?
  • How can I grow ginseng sustainably?
  • Where does ginseng grow?
  • What are the companion plants for ginseng?
  • How to find ginseng?
  • How and when do I plant ginseng?
  • When to dig, how to dry, and where to sell ginseng?

This order is for an autographed paperback copy. If you’d rather not have it signed, please be sure to let me know in the comments or by dropping me a quick email at madison@wildozark.com.

Sustainable Ginseng is also available for Kindle through Amazon. Click here to go to Amazon. It’s FREE on Kindle Jan 2-3 2016!

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Product Description

Did you know there are different ways to grow American ginseng and that how you go about it makes tremendous differences in the way you can market it later?

This book is about “virtually wild ginseng” and the best ways to have a sustainable ginseng harvest for future generations.

The techniques discussed also apply to wild ginseng and will help you become a better steward to the wild populations on your land.

There are lots of links to more resources so you can broaden your knowledge base, lots of pictures to help you learn the companion plants and best habitats.

But best of all, I am always particularly thrilled to talk to those who have read my books and have more questions.

Good luck on your ginseng hunting and growing adventures!

3-prong virtually wild ginseng w flower stalk
You cannot tell the difference between “virtually wild ginseng” and true wild. They grow in the same habitat with the same challenges faced by true wild. The only difference is that I planted this seed and perhaps the one next to it fell from the mother plant. Or it also might be one I planted. I can’t tell, and neither can root buyers.

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