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Paintings with a strong nature aesthetic, featuring foraged earth pigments and handmade paint. Original art by Madison Woods.

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Autumn Mini’s


A collection of Autumn Mini original art on 2 x 3″ canvas. Available as single canvas, a collection of all five, or all five with the display shelf. See the details below for more information. Email me with any questions: madison@wildozark.com. Thank you for taking a look!


My Autumn Mini’s collection of original artwork on 2 x 3″ mini canvases can be yours in a variety of options. Buy one, buy all five, or buy all five with the display shelf. Once a single work is purchased individually, I’ll create a new mini to take its place and update the photo. In the meantime, if this occurs, the options to buy the display or the five will be disabled until the replacement is ready and the images are updated.

Versatile Autumn Mini Display

The grasses and pumpkin are removeable and you can change out the display seasonally. I’ll be creating new mini’s for each season. The grasses/grains are attached with a glue gun, but can be carefully detached and stored to re-use. The pumpkin is a real pumpkin I grew in my garden, so it will not last a second season and you’ll need to replace that next year.

The paintings are hanging on a peg. If you collect only one or a few, there are tiny little easels available if you’d prefer to display on a counter or table. The easels are more affordable from your local Walmart or hobby supply store, but the ones that will ship out with these mini’s will have a little jute or raffia bow attached.

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