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Great Horned Owl | Ancient Earth Wisdom


Details about the Original Work

Title: Ancient Earth Wisdom
Size: 8 x 12″ (SOLD)
Media: handmade watercolor, Ozark foraged pigments
Substrate: watercolor paper
Pigment source: shale gray, black sandstone, soot, brown sandstone, yellow sandstone, green sandstone, russet sandstone, osage root bark

Available in original, prints, notecards, and NFT.

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Owls represent Wisdom. Do you want to know the truth of the matter, or the best course of action? Knowledge alone isn’t Wisdom, though she does unveil the knowing. Wisdom is awareness of what to do with the knowledge, understanding what action, if any, needs to be taken. Courage is the willingness to act or not act on Knowledge revealed by Wisdom.

Here is the progress page on this painting if you’d like to see it from start to finish.

Additional information

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Original, notecard-5×7, notecard-4×5.5, print- 8×10, print-8×10 framed, print-5×7, NFT