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Paintings with a strong nature aesthetic, featuring foraged earth pigments and handmade paint. Original art by Madison Woods.

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Artist’s Income & Expense Excel Spreadsheet


This is the spreadsheet I use to track my income and expenses. You’re welcome to modify it to suit your needs. If you are outside the US, email me for an invoice, as my shopping cart won’t work for international sales.

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An income and expense spreadsheet for artists. It uses the categories that I most often use in my own business. You can change the headings to match the ones you prefer to use if these are not suitable. It is geared as it is for Arkansas data.

The spreadsheet calculates the columns and has a final total to indicate each month profit or loss. The last sheet in the workbook is for keeping track of state sales/use taxes. There are columns for overall income to the state, the counties, and cities. A check-sum lets you know at a glance if your numbers are all there. This is especially useful if you have some sales to counties but no city tax was collected because the location was not within a city.

The sales tax sheet is for Arkansas, but you can change the headings to account for your own location cities and counties. The numbers do not self-populate in this sheet, so you’ll still have to add up the Arkansas sales each month to input that data. But the numbers do calculate on the sales spreadsheet itself to give you totals for each city, county, and total for the state. This makes it MUCH easier to keep track of what you need file with ATAP if you’re on a quarterly or annual basis with them.

All of the counties or cities in Arkansas are not listed, only the ones I’ve used so far. You can add more columns for more cities as you need them.

  • I’m not an accountant. This is just a tool I created to use for my business and I’m sharing it with you. You can modify to fit your business needs if you like.
  • It’s update in January each year for the current year. Images below are from the first ones I listed.

artist's expense and income spreadsheet Artists sales tax calculation worksheet