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Set of Pigments


This set of pigments includes 3 crushed pigments made from Wild Ozark rocks, 5 Wild Ozark pigment rocks, a pan of paint made from Wild Ozark pigment rocks, and a testing slab you can use in the field.

Availability: 4 in stock (can be backordered)

A set of pigments from Wild Ozark in 3 forms: whole, crushed, and watercolor paint.

When you place an order for this product, I’ll head down to the creek to collect your rocks. Each one will be scraped on the test slab I’ll include with your order. The test slab is just a hand-sized flatish rock. I use these to test various rocks that I find. It’ll arrive to you with the scrapes on the slab so you can see how it looks. To use it again and again, just rinse off the slab and scrape wet rocks on it to test them. Try it out with the ones in your set to see how it works! Then take it to the field and find more rocks.

Note: rocks scrapes work best if the rocks are wet while scraping. If you’re not near a creek, bring a bottle of water to wet your found rocks.

I’ll collect 5 different rocks that’ll give you 5 different shades of color. Some are similar, but different enough to offer some variety. The ground pigments will be chosen from my personal selection of pigments I keep on hand for my own paints. They’re all made from similar rocks as the ones I’m shipping to you.

The pan of paint will be a random color chosen from my personal stock of ready-to go paint pans. It may or may not be a color made from one of the same rocks you’ll get in your set.

If you’re learning how to make paints and need a tutorial, you can find it here:

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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