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On the Cusp | Red-Shouldered Hawk


On the Cusp, a painting of a red-shouldered hawk by Madison Woods in Ozark pigments. The original is sold. Prints and notecards are available.

Details about the Original Work

Title: On the Cusp
Size: 12 x 16″ (landscape orientation)
Media: handmade watercolor, Ozark foraged pigments
Substrate: watercolor paper
Pigment source: sandstones (red, russet, brown, yellow), green siltstone, shale, limestone, char

Available in prints, notecards, and NFT.

Scroll down for more details.

This painting won a Special Merit award in the 2022 Lightspace & Time online exhibit:

To see the process of creating this red-shouldered hawk painting, click here.

Hand-Foraged Pigments, Handmade Watercolor Paints

All of the pigments I use are light-fast earth pigments, unless otherwise noted in the description.

For more information on the various pigments I use, visit this page. We are blessed with an abundance of sandstone in various hues. These make up the bulk of my pigment sources, and most of them come from Felkins creek. Many are also gathered at our own little branch that spills into Felkins and from the rocky shores of King’s river downstream from where Felkins joins the river.


This painting does exist on the secondary market on Tezos blockchain at Objkt.com.


notecard, notecard / tag, print-5×7, print- 8×10, print 11×14, print 12 x 16

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