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Twisted Tree #1 in Oils


#inprogress #ontheeasel

this painting is still in progress. Discount applies until it is dry and ready to frame/ship. There’s a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it when I’m done (minus the service charge my credit card processor charges of 3.3% + 0.30).

Details about the Original Work

Title: Twisted Tree #1 in Oils
Size: 14 x 11″ (portrait orientation)
Media: handmade watercolor, Ozark foraged pigments
Substrate: watercolor paper
Pigment source: shale, sandstone, magnetite, and titanium

Available as pre-order at this time

While this painting is on the easel there is a discount. Once it’s varnished and dried, I’ll move it to the Twisted Trees category and remove the discount.

This painting is still in progress. I’ll update the photo here as it progresses, but if you like to see all of the stages it goes through, here’s a post at my blog just for that: https://www.wildozark.com/twisted-tree-in-ozark-pigment-oils/. You can also follow me at Instagram, where I always post progress pics as I’m working on something. Right now I’m working on two different paintings, this tree and a hydrangea. The hydrangea is a commission and so has priority, but when it’s drying or there’s paint left after a session, I use it to work on the Twisted Tree.

Pigment sources


Brown sandstone, russet sandstone, yellow sandstone, red sandstone, green sandstone, shale, and magnetite. Titanium white (outsourced).

Reference Image Credits

There is no reference for this one, it’s all from my twisted little mind.

Prints of Twisted Tree #1 in Oils

All of my prints are processed in house with a professional giclée art printer using archival inks. The paper is archival watercolor paper for high quality prints. Available once painting is finished drying.


Notecards are 4 x 5.5″, blank inside, and printed on the same professional printer as my prints. Each are packaged in a clear bag with an envelope and the insert that tells the story of how I began my watercolor journey with Ozark pigments. All of my artwork is available on notecards, and you can mix and match to order a set of 5 for a discount. Sets are not individually packaged, but are attractively presented together in a box. Click here to find out more about notecard sets. (Will link when listing is live. in the meantime, email me at madison@wildozark.com to order a set. I’ll invoice you.)


No NFT at this time, but it may be minted in the future.

More Info

All of my paintings begin with foraging for rocks, bones, clay, or other pigment sources. If you’d like to read a little more about my life of foraging for rocks, read this post: She Delivers in Spades. If you’d like to see how the paints are actually made, read this post: Making Smooth Paint from Rock Dust.

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Original, notecard, print-5×7, print- 9 x 12, print 11 x 14

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