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Shadows & Mist | Kings River in Autumn


Details about the Original Work

Original is SOLD

Title: Shadows & Mist | Kings River in Autumn
Size: 9 x 12″
Media: Ozark pigments in oil
Substrate: birch cradle board
Pigment source: sandstones, soot, indigo, thyme

Series: Kings River Through the Seasons

Prints Available

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This is the 2nd painting in my series of Kings river scenes throughout the seasons. You can see the 1rst one here, Kings River in Spring. I decided to rely less on my reference photo for the Autumn scene and am adding some elements that weren’t in the photo.

Prints – available

All of my prints are processed in house with a professional giclée art printer using archival inks. The paper is archival watercolor paper for high quality prints. This one is available as a 5 x 7″, 8 x 10″.

Notecards – available once completed

Notecards are available and are blank inside, and printed on the same quality paper as my prints. Each are packaged in a clear bag with an envelope and the insert that tells the story of how I began my watercolor journey with Ozark pigments. If there’s a painting that doesn’t have one listed under it, just email me.

More Info

All of my paintings begin with foraging for rocks, bones, clay, or other pigment sources. If you’d like to read a little more about my life of foraging for rocks, read this post: She Delivers in Spades. Follow the blog if you’d like to get the latest posts in your email inbox. And sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to enter the monthly drawing for a free 5 x 7″ print, hear about whatever I’ve been up to, and plan to see exhibits and shows.

Contact Me:

email: madison@wildozark.com
IG: @wildozark
FB: @wildozark
Twitter: @wildozark

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions N/A

Original, Print: 5 x 7, Print: 8 x 10, 5 x 7" Notecard

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