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Potted Ginseng Seedlings – Local Pick Up


Ginseng Seedlings: POTTED

Notice: this year you’ll be able to pick up at the Wild Ozark studio in Alpena after May 15, or drive out to the nursery.

If you’d like to reserve your order now, pay for them here now and arrange to pick them up after May 15 by emailing me at madison@wildozark.com.

Availability: 100 in stock

Potted Ginseng Seedlings | American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)


2023 Update:

I should have plenty of first year seedlings potted up this year. Pick up appointments begin May 15, by appointment out here at the habitat garden or at the Wild Ozark studio in Alpena, AR on Saturdays.

Email to arrange a date/time if you’d like to come out and get some at the nursery at Wild Ozark. They’ll be $5/ea in pots. Pay now and reserve yours, or pay when you come to pick them up.

Appointment required for pickup at the nursery. We have to be in touch the night before pick-up because if it rains too much, we won’t be able to access the garden, and you may get stuck between two bridges if there is flash flooding. I’ll email the night before to confirm or postpone the appointment. If you’ll be coming out to Alpena on a Saturday (after May 15), check my page to make sure I’ll be there on that day. Whether I can go or not depends on the weather for that, too. If it rains too much, the bridges are impassable and I won’t be able to make it. You’re welcome to text me to see if I’ll be there: (479) 409-3429.

If you’d like to help with potting, I’ll be happy to give you one free potted ginseng seedling for every 10 you pot up for me. Join us on Pot 10 Keep 1 ginseng seedling potting day.


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