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Ginseng Nursery

Notice: This year I’ll have ginseng seedlings on Saturday’s at the Wild Ozark studio in Alpena. That will make it easier for pick-ups if you don’t want to make the drive out to the habitat garden.

Welcome to the Wild Ozark Ginseng Habitat Nursery. We’re a VERY small operation. Our mission is to educate and help people establish/reestablish habitats for American ginseng plants. Wild Ozark grows American ginseng from seeds, in a wild-simulated fashion. We usually have first year plants available every year.

We propagate companion plants like black cohosh, blue cohosh, goldenseal, wild ginger, bloodroot, Christmas ferns, Doll’s Eyes, spicebush, pawpaw, and American spikenard by seeds, root divisions, and cuttings.

Most of the plants we grow take years to become ready to sell, as seeds themselves sometimes take more than a year to germinate.

So, our stock will be limited until I have time to get more things of age to propagate further. Please let me know if you’re interested in something in particular. I will be happy to create cuttings, divisions, etc. to fill your order at a future date if I don’t have it on hand.

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