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Ginseng Seedlings – (10) Bare Root


Ginseng Seedlings: BARE ROOT

These can be shipped to US addresses, except California. 

Because postage has gone up so much, minimum order is 10 rootlets for $30. So, one order is 10 rootlets. If you’d like 20 rootlets, just order a quantity of 2, and so on.

Unfortunately, we had a major hail storm event on Sat. May 14. It devastated the ginseng, along with many other small tender plants. As a result, we’re not taking further orders this year. Planning for better weather next spring!

Out of stock

Bare Root Ginseng Seedlings | American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius)


2022 Update:

Bare root first year ginseng seedlings will be second year when they come up next spring. These will ship out beginning in October. If you order now, I’ll reserve yours. If something catastrophic happens to the seedlings (like a really bad flash flood, a herd of roaming cattle pass through them, or something like that), I’ll refund your payments.

Rootlets ship out Priority Mail. I’ll make sure you’ll be available to receive them before putting them in the mail, so make sure the email address you used during checkout is the one I’ll be able to reach you through.


Rootlets are packed with live sphagnum moss in cellophane bags. As soon as you get them, they’ll need to be placed in the vegetable crisper drawer in the refrigerator or planted very soon. In the refrigerator crisper drawer, they’ll hold until spring if necessary but it’s best to plant them before the ground freezes in your area.


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