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Wild White-Leaf Mountain Mint (Pycnanthemum albescens)


An excellent perennial pollinator plant! This is the mint that grows wild in the Ozarks and other regions of the eastern US. Read more about it in this post. Bare root wild white-leaf mountain mint plants ship in fall, once the weather cools down. Most of the time I can start shipping by early October. In 2023 plants can be picked up potted at the nursery all year.

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During flowering season, this plant is buzzing with pollinators. Plant it near your garden to help attract them to help with garden pollination. I’ve seen bumble bees of various species, honey bees, butterflies, and other tiny native pollinators.

The plants I sell from my nursery have been ethically propagated. These plants are root divisions of a larger plant in my own garden that was started from a root division of a wild plant.

Preferred Habitat

They enjoy full sun, can tolerate dry conditions and poor soil but like other mints, they’ll grow happier with better soil and regular watering.

Wild Mountain Mint Growth Habit

It will spread, like any other mint. If you want to keep it confined, grow in a large container with drainage. Height is about 3 to 3.5 feet.

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