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Little Cabin in the Woods No. 2 | Ozark Oil pigments



You can also view and purchase this painting at my Studio at 214 W. Main St, Alpena AR. Open on Saturdays from 9 – 4, or email for an appointment.

Title: Little Cabin in the Woods No. 2
Size: 5″ x 7″
Media: handmade oil paints, Ozark foraged pigments & Titanium white
Substrate: birch cradle board
Pigment source: black shale, whole black stone, yellow sandstone, red sandstone, russet sandstone, green sandstone, titanium

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‘Little Cabin in the Woods no. 2’ is an imaginary setting featuring an old cabin like the one on our property and a large white oak tree like the one in our front yard.

I like to paint variations of this scene. This is the second one. The first one was a watercolor. No two will be very similar to each other. Click this link to see it. It’s a scene influenced a lot by my surroundings here in the Ozarks.

See Little Cabin in the Woods No. 2 Progression

Here’s where you can see the progression of this painting, if you would like see it from start to finish.

The Pigments

All of the color is from rocks I’ve foraged right here at Wild Ozark. Those sources include:

  • Red sandstone
  • Russet sandstone
  • Black stone (magnetite)
  • Creek shale
  • Yellow sandstone
  • Green siltstone

The non-color white is from titanium, and it is a pigment I purchase. Unfortunately, I haven’t found anything locally to make an opaque color light enough to use for blending or adjusting values. Limestone is nearly transparent in oil, and the lightest neutral color is still too dark to lighten the other colors. I’ve resigned myself to needing to use this outside source on my palette, as much as it pains me to do so.

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original, 5 x 7" print, 5x 7" notecard